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I can't figure out the meaning of 美しくいる It's the second meaning of いる here: 居る "to stay".


If I have guessed right, you are somewhat confused by the ambiguity of English be. Be itself is a verb that has a meaning when you say "I think, therefore I am". Meanwhile it has another usage as almost meaningless bridge between words in a case like "I am Sam". And English adjectives need the aid of the latter (copula) be to correctly inflect, which ...


In casual/colloquial speech, you can often (but not always) drop the copula だ・です after adverbs such as くたくた、ふらふら、こりごり、がらがら (同じ音を繰り返すもの), がっかり、しっとり、さっぱり (「〇っ〇り」「〇ん〇り」の形のもの) -- those that generally can function as a する-verb or an onomatopoeia. e.g. このぬいぐるみはふわふわだ。 → このぬいぐるみ、ふわふわ。 おなかがぺこぺこです。 → おなかぺこぺこ。 このスカートはぴったりだ。 → このスカート、ぴったり。 もううんざりです。 → もううんざり。 ...

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