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「本当{ほんとう}に正直{しょうじき}に話{はな}していいかな?」 is 100% grammatical and natural-sounding. Both 「本当に」 and 「正直に」 function adverbially. Having never studied Japanese as a foreign language, however, I do not know if 「本当に」 and 「正直に」 are actually called "adverbs" outside of Japan. In Japan, those are called 形容動詞{けいようどうし} ("na-adjectives") in their 連用形{れんようけい} ("continuative ...


Yes, the conjugation rule is consistent with all the い-adjectives. There are a few notable exceptional cases where they can also syntactically be nouns: 近い→近く: adjectival: 近くのX - the nearby X noun: Xの近く - the vicinity of X 多い→多く: adjectival: 多くのX

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