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Usage of verb + の + adjective here

You can simply think it is an omission of だ. The の is a nominalizer, and が (or は) is omitted. Thus 吹っ飛ぶの爽快 can be understood as (車が)吹っ飛ぶの(が)爽快(だ) = Cars' blowing off is refreshing (putting aside if ...
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Incorporating a verb phrase into a noun: "Object + を + Verb dictionary form + noun" (波を越す遊び) vs. "Object + Verb masu form + の + noun" (波越しの遊び)

波越し is not an established activity name I am aware of. When was this text written, or did you come up with it on your own? There is a term 波乗り, which is another name for サーフィン (surfing), but it's ...
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