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It's a short form of 「~てください(te-kudasai)」 and kudasai is omitted. So the whole sentence should be 「コロナウイルスがうつった人のことも考えてください。」, which means "Please think about the people who got infected with the coronavirus." I think this usage of Te-form is more common in conversation than writing, such as 「助けて!(tasukete="Help (me)!")」 or 「明日来て。(asita ...


Context would help, but I would suggest considering the possibility of it being a request, leaving a following ください or more informally くれ unsaid. The sentence therefore means something like "(Please) Think about all the people the corona virus has infected."


Turning my comment into an answer. I didn't feel like my comment was detailed enough to stand as an answer, but since no new answers have surfaced and the OP found my content helpful, I am putting it in the answer box. 買ってくる means you go buy something and then come back, just like every morning when you go to school/work, you say 行ってきます. You are going there ...

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