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Commonmark migration


This sentence will be translated as ''I want you to select a ''分家筋{ぶんけすじ}'' that is appropriate to manage it.

Only glancing at the sentence, you cannot find out the real meaning. It's necessary to guess it from the context or from every meaning of the words.

I will give an example as follows.


This sentence can be translated as two ways.

A. I want him to teach someone English.

A' (彼女{かのじょ}が私{わたし}に英語{えいご}を教{おし}えてくれると言{い}っているけれど、私{わたし}は)彼{かれ}に英語{えいご}を教{おし}えてほしい。

B. I want you to teach him English.

B'. (あなたは英語{えいご}を教{おし}えるのがうまいから、あなたが)彼{かれ}に英語{えいご}を教{おし}えてほしい。

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