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四字熟語. Four-character idiomatic compounds.

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2 answers

the omission of an implied "の" creates the appearance of a 四字熟語{よじじゅくご}?

I believe that has a pretty thorough list of 四字熟語? Is there a better site? However, I know that I've seen a lot of 4, or more, adjacent kanji that are not listed as 熟語。An example ...
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恥知らず【はじしらず】 versus 厚顔無恥【こうがんむち】

The lack of examples makes me difficult to understand well the difference between 恥知らず and 厚顔無恥. Both seem to mean "shameless". For example, can I use both as follows? Are there any differences? ...
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What's the difference between [電光石火]{でんこうせっか} and [疾風迅雷]{しっぷうじんらい}

They both seem to mean "quick as lightning". What are the nuances between them? In what sort of context would they be used? Are they interchangeable? etc.
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What is the origin of the phrase 一石二鳥?

This particular 四字熟語 is exactly the same as the proverb in English, "kill two birds with one stone." I find it to be a strange coincidence that both would have this phrase independently of each other, ...
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