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Is Duolingo's pronunciation decent or good?

This amateur video complains about Duolingo not having perfect Japanese pronunciation, and dates from 2021. The author of the video goes as far as to recommend that the audio and listening exercises ...
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Are there any websites that not only list Japanese names in kanji, but also lists them in hiragana or romaji? [closed]

Anyone who has spent time translating between Japanese and English will know how difficult it is to translate Japanese names into English. Not all Japanese names are hard to translate. If you're lucky,...
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Why are 前 and 後 used backwards from how I would expect on this site?

I was practicing katakana reading here, and noticed at the very bottom of the page that the "forward" and "back" buttons have the characters I understand to mean "after" and "before," except that "...
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What is a good series of books/programs to start learning from, if any? [closed]

I started learning Japanese when I was in high school as a hobby but have limited time now that I am working full time, what books or programs would you suggest for someone wanting to learn Beginning/...
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Sites/ways helpful for learning internet/slang lingo? [closed]

As the title says- I'm wondering if anyone is aware of a website used for learning dialects and internet lingo?
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Do machine transliteration websites exist? [closed]

Are there web sites that transliterate Japanese text (katakana, hiragana and kanji) into romaji characters without translating the words into the English language? (Note to moderators: I'm merely ...
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