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What are the "Ueda" codes found in CIA documents from the 1940s?

CIA documents from the 1940s, such as this declassified biography of Kim Il Sung, annotate the Chinese characters used in Korean names with numeric "Ueda" codes, like this: Kim Sung-ju is ...
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Hiragana Unicode Chart has two characters for each [duplicate]

Below is a unicode chart for Hiragana characters. I see there are two a, i, u, e, o and so on, small and big ones. Please help me explain this as I am just starting to learn Hiragana today. I got ...
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Kanjis to Romajis first letter [closed]

I'm fond of Unicode and what romanization attempts. My goal is to get a first latin char (for sorting purposes) of a non-latin character - so far I succeeded by transcribing Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, ...
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Usage of Encircled Kanji

There appear to be some kanji and other characters such as ①, ②, ③, Ⓐ, ㊄, ㊗, ㊛, ㊑, and many more, which are enclosed in circles. These characters are listed in unicode and there are quite a lot of ...
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What Unicode code points are needed to write Japanese Jōyō-Kanji?

Sorry if this isn't exactly the most 'language' related question, but what ranges of Unicode code points are needed to write Japanese? I've got the Hiragana, Katakana, punctuation, etc; but the jōyō-...
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