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What is the proper way to notate Japanese lyrics in sheet music?

I'm transcribing a song with Japanese lyrics as sheet music but am unsure how to approach using kanji. Here's an example: Currently, I front-load the kanji on the first note so that it is immediately ...
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Understanding Obfuscated Song Lyrics in 夢うつつ - Dream

I have previously asked a question regarding what is being said in this song, but it did not follow guidelines since I was not asking anything specific. However, in consulting with my teacher on the ...
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How to add spaces in Japanese transcriptions in romaji?

Is there any rules to add spaces when transcripting Japanese using the Latin alphabet? Per instance, Google Translate transcripts a sentence such as "空は青いと思います" into "Sorahaaoi to ...
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I heard this word/compound in an anime and I can't find a single example of it online, am I understanding it correctly? (参加出)

During an exchange in which a character asks another to participate in an event, the other character replies さんかで。(I'm writing it in hiragana 'cause I'm still not sure of the kanjis.) Context-wise the ...
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What is the proper form of "In the beginning" for this sentence?

Okay, so I fixed my first problem. Now, I have to find the proper form of "in the beginning." Should it be はじめに、すなおだった (hajime ni, sunaodatta,) or はじめは、すなおだった (hajime wa, sunaodatta?)
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In kanji 外, why is タ used instead of ソ? [closed]

Why is タ used instead of ソ in 外 despite it's read as ソト?
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ほうをかす lend a hou [closed]

I was watching another 45 second video, same theme as the last one about 'Illegal uploads', but ran into some trouble with the above. I will post the entire subtitles for context purposes. 違法だよ!あげるくん ...
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Help transcribing a sentence [closed] I'm trying to transcribe this sentence, what I have is the following but none of the characters seem to line up with words when looked up in a dictionary with the ...
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Why is the English word "studio" transcribed as スタジオ?

So I'm aware that transcription into Japanese is not always clear-cut, and there are plenty of exceptions. It sort of makes sense that "Australia" is オーストラリア not *オーストレリア and "stadium" is スタジアム not *...
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Is this some kind of Japanese slang?

I am working on amateur translation for a videogame, this game was originally in Japanese and another team translated the texts into English. Check out this video, from the English subtitles (...
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"Put down the sword" in "The Last Samurai" movie

There is a scene with 木剣 in "The Last Samurai" movie where a samurai says "かたな X": I can't understand what is the X verb ?
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what is the transcription of the following audios? [closed]

I need the japanese transcription of the following audios... audio 1 and audio 2. These audios are part of the anime Holy Knight (OVA). Context: a vampire girl is captured by the opposing side. I ...
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Is the pronunciation for the following sentences incorrect? [closed]

In the following phrase I've transcribed from the audio the following sentence: dinner no sai ko no spice wa naaaan da? In the subtitles it says, What's the best spice for dinner? The next ...
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Introducing yourself in Japanese when you have a Roman name?

While reading online, I found numerous websites that had "Romaji translations" of names that use the Roman alphabet. For example, the Japanese version of Jordan is said to be either Jo-dan or Yorudan. ...
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Transcribing Feuz

I was wondering how you would transcribe Feuz into Japanese. The word is pronounced like "Foyts". I am thinking it would be フォイツ?
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What is Naruto saying in this video? [closed]

I need the Japanese transcription. Here's the link to the video: (from 02:04 to 02:42). Here's what I could understand so far (mistakes included... ...
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Is this transcription correct? [closed]

I saw a video clip with English subtitles and tried to transcribe the Japanese audio. Can anyone tell me if I did it correctly? English subtitles: monster get out ; you've got no right to drink ...
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What's Neo saying?

In "The Matrix Revolutions", at the final showdown, there's a brief exchange: Smith: アンダーソン君 お帰り Smith: 会いたかった Neo: 今夜が最後だ That's what the subtitles say, anyway. The dub is almost identical ...
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