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補助動詞. Verbs such as いる, おく, ある, いく, くる, and しまう, which can follow the 〜て form of a verb with special grammaticalized meanings. Not to be confused with 助動詞(じょどうし) "auxiliary verbs", which are inflecting function words or endings such as 〜ない and 〜ます. We use the translation "subsidiary verbs" on this site to avoid confusion.

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Why is て-form + 見る used here?

The following is an excerpt from a dialogue between my language partner and me: YouTube で馬肉とニンニク料理のレポートを観ましたよ。馬肉と言えば、九州、特に熊本県だと思っていましたが、調べてみると、青森県も馬肉生産量で3位に入っていました。 The sentence in question: 馬肉と言えば、...
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