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画数. The number of strokes in a kanji character.

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Computer fonts - Small Hane Inkblot Thing

I noticed that some fonts have a small, stylized inkblot on the end of certain strokes in kanji. When I first realized this, I honestly thought that I, myself, was having a stroke! Regardless, I have ...
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Kanji size and proportions

When I'm practicing writting kanji, the proportions between each of the strokes always seem to be a little off. Are there known exercises to help with this? At the moment, I'm only trying to "copy" it ...
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Why is ヲ written with 3 strokes?

I'm still learning how to write Japanese, but I feel like I'm starting to get a feel for the rules of stroke order. However, the stroke order for ヲ (katakana wo) baffles me. According to everything I ...
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Quotation Mark Stroke Order

How do Japanese people hand-write the Japanese Quotation Marks (「 」)? Is there a correct stroke order? I am asking specifically about those used in horizontal writing, although I wouldn't mind ...
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Is the 女 radical ever written with the strokes くフ?

The shape of the onna-hen radical can obviously be represented this way, and in plenty of fonts it actually is, as in the character 好. While the "correct" way to write it is as a skinnier version of ...
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How strictly does calligraphy typically abide by stroke rules?

My previous question wasn't great, but I didn't want to ask this question without being sure that the kanji below the blue line is 会, but I'm assuming that it is. In the above example, I've circled ...
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How to reconcile stroke order with font variation on 衷?

From, the stroke order for 衷 (inmost, heart, mind, inside) is: I count 9 strokes, but the stroke number is listed there as 10. Additionally, on Android (with kanji fix), the kanji is ...
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Stroke recognition in this kanji?

So I'm practicing how to count the strokes of a Kanji. I've been having troubles for this one since I can't find it on Jisho. So I've wanted to ask: am I even right with the number of strokes? If not,...
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Kanji from an image [closed]

I'd appreciate it if anyone can give me directions on the meaning of this kanji: How many strokes does it have?
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Is the kanji/kokuji "taito" (たいと) with 84 strokes legitimate and ever used?

Taito is mentioned as the kanji/kokuji with the highest stroke count consisting of 84 strokes in Wikipedia. Taito is composed of two kanji ("cloud" (雲) and "dragon" (龍) repeated ...
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Which kanji has the greatest number of strokes?

What is the most complex kanji (in terms of number of strokes), whether or not it's actually used often?
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Is 胡 missplaced in the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary? [closed]

I recently tried to look up the kanji 胡 in the Kodansha Kanji Learner's Dictionary, which uses the SKIP method to look up each kanji, and I couldn't find it. It seemed to me a relatively ...
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