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Statistics on common readings for Japanese names

I am looking for statistics (raw data) on the most common readings for kanji used in names (family name or first name) and the most common gender for a name. Existing dictionaries tend to just spit ...
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Statistics of on-yomi phonemes/syllables

On-yomi of kanji feel a bit like they all sound alike. For instance, vowels /o/ and /u/ are over-represented. Are there statistics of phoneme counts or syllable counts for on-yomi compared to kun-yomi?...
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how could I get a statistics of the length of japanese verbs? [closed]

How can I make statistics of how many syllables a Japanese verb has? I want to statistic 五段 and 一段 verbs, respectively and exclude all the する verbs.
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What fraction of Japanese words contain digraphs?

I'm curious as to what the percentage of native Japanese words that contain digraphs, or to put it another way, the average number of digraphs (or individual kana) in a Japanese word would be. I'm a ...
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