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Questions tagged [song-lyrics]

歌詞. Lyrics of Japanese songs.

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Trying to understand strange lyrics in a certain song

The song is 僕は頑張るよっ by 神聖かまってちゃん。 The lines that I find confusing are "あーでもないこーでもない 人間はめんどくさい" and "パーでもないグーでもない 悩んでばかりいます". Specifically, the first parts of each line. In the ...
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About the official (?) English translation of 'Odd Loop' by Frederic

So, yeah, I caught up with the latest interest towards this song and I watched the music video on the official channel. I am currently working through the lyrics (some of the words used are totally ...
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Nuance of 在る for a person in this song

In the song "my code" by GARNiDELiA, there're these two lines: 噛{か}み締{し}めた痛{いた}みも 消{け}せない傷跡{きずあと}も 私{わたし}が私として在{あ}るために I understand what the second line means, and I've read other posts on ...
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Why does the composer of キティ use を after a verb's て-form and before a suru verb (輪廻)

There's a line in the song キティ saying 日月さえも孤独な天下で絡まって解いてを輪廻する愚者の群れ At first I assumed it was a form of keigo because を is sometimes used as お, or in archaic Japanese, at least I believe, because when ...
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Can anyone help me fill in the blanks of a kid's rhyme?

My 4 year old has been going to a Japanese preschool for a few weeks and has picked up a rhyme/chant that all the kids say before they eat. I'd love to learn it too so we can say it together at home, ...
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What does AとしたB mean?

I was looking at the lyrics for a song and came across the line "例え今はまだ漠然とした夢でも" and am unsure of what the "とした" in "漠然とした夢" means. I am assuming that it ties the "...
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Could anyone explain the grammatical structure of a sentence 僕の螺旋 ただならぬ手を繋ごうとしてる

Trying to understand the lyrics of Granrodeo song 君に One Way Love, I'm struggling to grasp how 僕の螺旋 ただならぬ手を繋ごうとしてる can mean "my spiral has my hands all tied up" (translation i found here ...
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