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連体修飾節(関係節). A type of subordinate clause which modifies a noun phrase.

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The structure strikes me because the underlying transformation seems to be like this: [ あなたが ] [ この文の  ~ところを ] [ おかしいと ] 思う [ あなたが ] [ この文の  _____ ] [ おかしいと ] 思う ところは~ Another similar example is: [ ...
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Phenomenon of omitting the head noun of a relative clause

Take this dialogue for example, where A and B talk about a certain 田中さん: A: ところで田中さんって覚えてる? B: あ、このあいだパーティーにいた? I made it up, so please excuse any unnatural aspects. The important part is B's answer. ...
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Explanation for 変わった and 似た as adjectivals

I often see the two verbs 変わる and 似る used in their た-form when modifying nouns and I'm not really sure exactly how to make sense of them. 変わる: e.g. as in 「変わった人」. Here I'm wondering why it's not just ...
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Explanation for 'noun + な + ので', is 'ので' still a 接続助詞 here?

I saw the following statement in a grammar book: 接続助詞 'ので' can only be placed after 用言 and 助動詞 in form of 連体形. But in another text book it says that ので can also be placed after a noun, and then ...
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Relating parts of sentences

エリナ:窓の外に見えるの皆シットル?   Erina: Couldn't the rest of people look out of the window? タダシ:そうだろう たぶん Tadashi: Yeah, maybe. CONTEXT: After taking a flight and stopped in a station Tadashi is looking at a ...
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Meaning of 繋ぎ合う

I'm currently translating the Japanese versions of some Final Fantasy songs. I found the compound verb "繋ぎ合えた" in the song "Yakusoku no Basho" from FFXIII-2 as a relative clause, ...
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Why not the past tense before 方 in this sentence?

みんなが彼の指差す方を見たんだ。 Why not 指差した or 指差していた ?
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Delimiting prenominal relative clauses

I encountered this sentence: 提供サービスごとの適切な値付けを行い、事業が継続的・発展的に拡大する戦略を立案する Is there any way of knowing if this is 提供サービスごとの適切な値付けを行い、事業が継続的・発展的に拡大する戦略を立案する or 提供サービスごとの適切な値付けを行い、事業が継続的・...
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Combining multiple verbs

I work in a hotel and I was asking a coworker if we are permitted to drink the coffee in a certain location near the desk. I am trying to be formal with this request. I asked "Are we allowed to take ...
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How often do embedded relative clauses occur in Japanese conversation?

I think the question is clear enough. I read an article regarding how English speakers comprehend embedded clauses in Japanese, and how in general it takes more time to comprehend a sentence that ...
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