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Why are most Japanese newspapers, magazines and books read from back to front?

In my experience, the above listed reading materials are all read from left cover to right cover, page one is the last page from a western perspective. I have been unable to find a reason for this ...
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How to understand this sentence about film reviews in Japanese newspapers?

I'm a little bit lost here. The following sentence is about a film critic (Tsuchiya Yoshio) and the Yomiuri Shimbun. But I'm not sure about the meaning.. 読売新聞であれば、土屋好生のような映画評論家が批評するか、...
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How is character size dealt with?

When reading manga, I frequently notice that I have no idea what a character says. This is not because I do not know what the kanji is, rather it is very difficult for me to decipher what the kanji ...
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What are the major prescriptive style guides for Japanese prose?

What are the major prescriptive style guides for writing regular Japanese prose (as opposed to e.g. technical writing)? I suspect that this question will have a fairly short list as an answer - if ...
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What old Japanese texts can be used in the same fashion as the latin "Lorem Ipsum"?

"Lorem Ipsum" is used as a place holder when creating designs or formatting media that will have actual text and functionality. Question I would like to know what the Japanese equivalent is of this ...
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Splitting Kanji and okurigana at the end of the line

A question was asked on the Linguistics Stack Exchange about the oriental languages. The title was the following: How are line breaks handled in ideographic scripts? The answer made me think, and I ...
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Is Japanese that lacks proofreading likely to contain bad spelling or grammar?

Regarding written English that isn't proofread ... it's quality definately leaves alot to be desired. I would advise people against treating written English that wasn't professionally written (for ...
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Do Japanese writers use underline for emphasis?

Do Japanese writers use underline to emphasize a point, or other techniques? Wikipedia mentions the use of katakana in its article on Emphasis and in its article on Katakana, but I'm not sure whether ...
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