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固有名詞. Nouns that designate people, places, or entities.

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What does the word 秀尽 mean?

My friend has been playing the Japanese video game called Persona 5 and there was the high school named 秀尽学園高校. I can't find the word 秀尽 (shujin) anywhere. Does it mean something?
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Meanings of 千里 and 西千里

あそこだったら、地下鉄で行くといいよ。千里で乗り換えて、西千里で降りればいいんじゃない。 For context, the person here is answering a question where someone asks how to get to 芸術センター. Are 千里 and 西千里 proper nouns naming the stations, or is http:/...
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Meaning of a fictional place-name: 星嶺鷹守学園

This phrase has helpful but rather confusing furigana (星嶺鷹守学園{セイレイタカガミガクエン}). I'm reading it to mean "star-ridge takagami campus", with star ridge being the name of the specific campus and takagami ...
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