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固有名詞. Nouns that designate people, places, or entities.

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Why Chinese "h" often corresponds to Sino-Japanese "k"? [closed]

Shanghai is Shanhai in Japanese / しゃんはい However, 深海 is shinkai (shēnhǎi in Chinese). Why does it seem like the Japanese switched the letter "h" to "k"? I know the kana, and "h&...
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Referring to well-known "Titles" in US Law without the Act/Amendment they come from

The current assignment in my Japanese course is to write an essay that in some way discusses gender (in)equality. In the US, in the context of education, if one says "Title IX", most people ...
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How are Constructed Languages referred to?

(Very beginner Japanese speaker here, go easy on me.) I understand that to get the name of a language, it is usually the name of the country it is associated with, then 語 appended to the end. What ...
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Does the signature in the following Kannon statue mean "Made by Kutani Kubikin"?

I bought a Kannon (Guanyin) statue at a flea market. There are Japanese characters on the underside, which I was able to translate halfway thanks to Google Translator: "Made by Kutani Kubikin&...
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What does the word 秀尽 mean?

My friend has been playing the Japanese video game called Persona 5 and there was the high school named 秀尽学園高校. I can't find the word 秀尽 (shujin) anywhere. Does it mean something?
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Meanings of 千里 and 西千里

あそこだったら、地下鉄で行くといいよ。千里で乗り換えて、西千里で降りればいいんじゃない。 For context, the person here is answering a question where someone asks how to get to 芸術センター. Are 千里 and 西千里 proper nouns naming the stations, or is http:/...
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Meaning of a fictional place-name: 星嶺鷹守学園

This phrase has helpful but rather confusing furigana (星嶺鷹守学園{セイレイタカガミガクエン}). I'm reading it to mean "star-ridge takagami campus", with star ridge being the name of the specific campus and takagami ...
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