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Terminology related to programming and computer science, as expressed in the Japanese language

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Rules and tools for assigning furigana

It often happens that I want to supply the furigana (振{ふり}仮{が}名{な}) for some kanji-containing word, but can't figure out the right assignment of the kana to the kanji. To be clear, the problem here ...
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Can 場合がある mean “you can”?

Python programming language documentation contains this sentence describing a function argument usage: モックが特定の呼び出しで呼ばれたことをアサートします。呼び出しでは mock_calls のリストがチェックされます。 any_order が false の場合(デフォルト)、...
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Origin of japanese metasyntactic variables 「ほげ」

Metasyntactic variables are using in programming as placeholders. Wikipedia mentions several Japanese words used in this fashion, and I would like to know how they came about. ほげ - hoge ぴよ - piyo ふが -...
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What are the grammatically valid sentence structures for Japanese? [closed]

This is a hard to explain question, but if someone found this board through stackoverflow (I guess that happened to many of us) he/she will understand better what I'm asking (moreover if once you had ...
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Is "ランタイム時" (runtime-time) acceptable?

I'm writing a manual, and needed to say something to the effect of "at runtime", as in "Some program debugging can only be performed (or is more efficient or accurate when performed) at runtime." (...
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How to express the concept of negation in mathematics

I have been reading the PHP manual in both Japanese and English and have reached the part about operators. In the 代数演算子 section they talk about 加算, 減算 etc, and have a table showing all of the 代数演算子 (...
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How to read the Modulo operator in a formula

Because I am a programmer, I have been reading tutorials and manuals about programming in Japanese. For the most part I am ok with all of the terminology, both from the computing side and maths side. ...
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