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Questions tagged [phrase-requests]

Topics related to finding a phrase that fits a given context or meaning.

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What is the exact differnce in nuance between させてもらう and させていただきます and させていただきたい

My understand of させてもらう is akin to "I'll take the liberty of doing x". It's not an actual request or asking for permission. However this doesn't seem to be true for させていただきます? Which seems ...
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How do you say "thank you" for work that is good for the community?

I remember a Japanese student using a specific phrase for thanking a person for work for the good of the community - like cleaning up the common area of the dorm. Seemed like and idiom. Does anyone ...
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How to say “here and now”, I mean being present in this very moment.

It is connected with buddhism, much is told about living here and now, so I guess there must be some kanji or a special phrase for describing that. Would really appreciate your help!!!
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