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Questions tagged [phonotactics]

音素配列論. The set of constraints on how sequences of segments pattern. This forms part of a speaker's internalized knowledge of the phonology of a language. Phonotactic rules are usually prohibitive, not constructive.

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Phonological terminology: what to call the /h/ → /p/ shift?

Japanese has various kinds of sandhi or 連音 (ren'on), of which sequential voicing or 連濁 (rendaku) is probably one of the best known. There's also gemination or 長子音化 (chōshiinka), where we get things ...
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What are the phonotactic rules of 促音 in lexical items?

In comparison to 連濁, finding rules on 促音 seems much harder. If possible, I would like to figure out what the rules are, that is, in which positions 促音 can occur, and in which positions 促音 is likely to ...
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Why is gemination limited to voiceless obstruents?

According to The Phonology of Japanese by Laurence Labrune: Consonants likely to undergo gemination, that is, likely to be preceded by /Q/ in Yamato (including mimetics) and in Sino-Japanese ...
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Desu pronounced dess: what about other words? [duplicate]

On a CD that came with my text book I hear that desu is pronounced dess. Are there many other words in Japanese, where done of the sound from the kana spelling actually falls off, like in this example,...
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How 「えい」 should be pronounced in the words like 英語, 先生, etc?

P.S.: I heard that 「生」 (せい) in the word 先生 can be pronounced either as [sei] or as [see]. If it is so, is there any semantic difference between these variants?
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Is "あらら" (arara) a word or just a "vocal noise"?

A friend just wrote this as a comment on a photo of mine on Facebook. Is it an actual word or is it what I call a "vocal noise"? By "vocal noise" I mean those things which convey some meaning but ...
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