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Granting permission with the potential form

My previous question got me thinking about if/when the potential form or できる can be used to grant permission.  My doubts come about because I'm pretty sure that using the potential form/できる is never ...
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How to ask if an action in the past was permissible?

I'm familiar with the てもいい form to ask for permission to do something in the future. For instance: Is it okay if I eat the candy? 菓子を食べてもいいか。 How would I ask if something I did already in the past ...
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Answering ___もいいですか with すみません, ___ ですから

I don't think I fully understand the answer in this conversation: Q: ここにくるまおとめてもいいですか. A: すみません, みせのまえですから. It seems to me that the answer states that it is OK to park in front of the store. But ...
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How to say “I let him do X to me”?

If I said “he did X to me,” I would probably say 彼にXされた. On the other hand, if I said “I let him do X,” I would say 彼にXさせた. But if I were to combine the two and say 彼にXさせられた, that would mean “he made ...
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How to grant permission for something in Japanese

I know that させてくれないか is won't you let me? But how do I say allow? させてあげる I'll let You!. I want it to be "something + the auxiliary ageru". Btw. Why is 借りしてもいい right but not 借りてもいい ?!?!? I want it ...
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How to say "You are able to" or "You can do this"

Title says it all. I am looking for sentence structures that can convey this meaning.
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