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Confused about object of 迎える in this sentence

I am currently on lesson 9 of Japan Foundation's まるごと B1-1. There is a text about a woman celebrating Christmas for the first time at her American partner's home. It begins with the sentence "...
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What is this ~れ verb form used in the middle of the sentence? Is it ~られて/~れて without the て?

I saw this sentence in a light novel. 浮遊感に穏やかに包まれ、玉響の安息。 What is this verb form 「包まれ」? It looks like it's supposed to be 「包まれて」but with the て dropped. I've seen this form every now and then, but I ...
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Does ぶたれて mean being hit or hitting someone?

In the translations I can find of the verse below, the singer is the one doing the hitting. Why is that? My mind interprets this as a passive verb, indicating the singer is being struck? It's a very ...
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What is the Order of Operations for translating sentences which have both passive form and relative clauses?

The bolded sentence in the following excerpt contains the passive form of a verb which is also being used in a relative clause. Should I translate the verb as a relative clause first, then transcribe ...
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言われてもな as a standalone sentence

In Takagi-san, Chapter 141 (Volume 16), when they are having the graduation ceremony, I came across the following panel: I believe I understand most of this. In order: "How was the graduation ...
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How does 「信じられている」 differ from 「信じている」 in this sentence?

仲睦まじい様子の男女二人連れと、幾度もすれちがう。この中で、どれほどの人たちが、いま一緒にいる相手のことを、この人しかいないと信じられているのだろうか。 This is a line from 「私の男」by 桜庭一樹著 When I searched for the translation online, I found this one I wondered how many of ...
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Combining passive and potential form, natural?

これから一生妹さんに食われ続けられる? I found this sentence in an anime and it raised some questions about combining the potential and passive form. The meaning here is literal, her sister is a monster and she needs ...
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