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や as an if statement

Is this a colloquial use of や listing particle as an if statement or is this another grammar?
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How is や used in this sentence? [duplicate]

や? Is the character correcting himself?
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What's going on with adjectives ending with や?

I was looking into a presumably older song, Gion Kouta, and I noticed that one of the lyrics is 「恋しや」. I'm assuming this comes from the adjective 「恋しい」, but I don't know why 「や」 is used instead of 「い」....
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Should I use や or と for إِنَّمَا?

I hope this question is not a duplicate and it belongs here. I wanted to ask as simple question about particle や (ya) and と (to) which was used in a translation from an Arabic text. Here's the Arabic ...
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Bobby Fischer & Haruhi Suzumiya - Do you have to say consecutive vowels together?

Eg 'Koizumi'...and generally koi, ai, mai, etc Bobby Fischer, mentally ill world chess champion and creator of 9LX, calls Junichiro 'Koizumi' mentally ill. The pronunciation of the 'こい' part is split ...
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Negation in 未然形 + む(ん)

This question has been inspired by this Q&A, from which I learned about 未然形 + む(ん)'s various functions. I noticed two lines on the reference page @naruto points to under 推量, both seemingly sharing ...
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Confused about use of も, し and や

Just a little confused as to the usage of も,し and や in this sentence もちろん向こうの数字にもゼロはあるし、三角法や金属精錬技術もある。 I am guessing all three are being used in the sense of "And" (roughly translating the ...
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と vs や when emphasizing specific elements within a larger list

Let's say there are various fruits on a table and someone asks me which ones I'd like to eat. I want to answer with something along the lines of : "I especially want to eat the apples and bananas ...
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What is the function of 「や」 in this sentence?

古池や 蛙飛び込む 水の音 This is a haiku by Matsuo Bashō. Is the や particle doing what it normally does, listing items?
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The use of や and sentence meaning

まつさんはラーメンやのうしろの公園に行きます。 In the previous sentence, what is the purpose of the や after ラーメン? I'm also unsure if the sentence is saying that "Matsu went to the park behind the ramen shop." or "Matsu ...
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Difference between も and や particle when listing nouns [duplicate]

They are both used on non-exhaustive lists but how do I know what particle to use? Is there a nuance?
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Can や mean "nor" in certain contexts?

Aがいくら強いといってもBやCとそれほど変わるもんじゃないはずだ。 Does や still imply other elements can be added here?
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What grammatical function is や performing here?

それで何だっけ? 昨日の夜の話 全然覚えてないや 「電話が鳴って君からだってわかったら 急に変な気分になったんだ。」 This is an excerpt of lyrics from Indigo la End's song 彼女の相談. I can't figure out what function the や in line 3 performs. Does ...
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Nuance between AやB and AやBなど?

AとB is an exhaustive list, whereas AやB and AやBなど mean A and B and more. (And AとBなど feels inconsistent.) But is there a difference between AやB and AやBなど? Aなど means 'something like A' or 'A and the ...
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What is 「や」doing in these sentences?

From a book about space: 近年になり、観測技術の向上や大きなプロジェクトとして取り組まれるようになって、惑星の存在の確認が待たれていたのです。 And from a ghost story: そんな訳で、小学生の頃は友達と学校帰りや家に帰ってから山へ入り、虫取りや秘密基地を作ったりして泥だらけになるまで遊んでいました。 The や seems like ...
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What does や after someone's name mean exactly?

I'm reading a manga and I've seen "nameや" a couple times now, but I'm not sure what it means exactly. Does it show affection? Two examples:
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Ordering of Particles:「にや」OR「やに」?

Does the particle や come after particles like に or で (as does も in「にも」or「でも」), or does it come before them? I can't find any examples of either, be it through Google; in the Tatoeba database; or ...
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Difference between AとB and AやB

Is it grammatically correct to say something like: 友達と遊ぶことや食べることが好きです。
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Meaning of 「かくや(という)」

A quote from 80日間世界一周: 巨大な湖が凍ったらかくやという景色だった。 It seemed like a vast frozen lake. I'm guessing the 「かく」 is this one, but I don't understand how the 「や」 works. Could this be a set phrase?
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Meaning of や in this sentence

美人だときくや友藏{ともぞう}もヒロシも身を乗り出した。 When? they heard that she was a beautiful women both 友藏 and ヒロシ leaned forward. I have no idea what the や in bold is. It seems like it ought to be とき, but I've never ...
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