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助詞「へ」. Indicates motion towards (English "to").

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Difference between に and へ particles

I am a beginner, and I do not really understand the difference between に and へ particles. My teacher told that they can be used interchangeably when it comes to indicating "direction" and &...
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How precisely is the へ particle to be understood in 「そこへ、…」 when it means "then"?

The sentence in question (source): そこへ、猿がやって来ました。 It is translated as "Then, the monkey approached". From what I understand, he へ particle normally is used with a verb to imply it's ...
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「に、へ、まで」the difference in use with verbs

Well. I saw some topics here on same subjet, but I still didn't get the full image of a rule. に - iplies the place, where is purpose-action will take place (final destination) へ - implies the ...
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Why is the particle へ used for direction here and does particle で here mean because of?

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