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助詞「へ」. Indicates motion towards (English "to").

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When going somewhere, is there any difference between e (へ) and ni (に)?

Can you use へ and に interchangeably, as in: 北海道へ行く and 北海道に行く ? Are there any subtle differences in the use of these two?
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How to use へ (-e), に (-ni), まで (made) and の方 (no-hō) with destination and direction?

It is common to ask the difference between just "へ" (-e) and "に" (-ni) but it seems to get even more complicated when you also mix in "まで" (made) and even "の方" (no-hō). When Japanese people ask me ...
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Particle と with へ; ~へと

Consider ~へと in these cases: ~へと下がる : (of some quantity) to fall to ~ ~へと先送りされる : to be postponed to ~ ~へと旅立つ : to make a trip to ~ ~へと広がる : to spread to ~ へと seems to be equivalent to ...
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Are へ and に interchangeable in these cases?

I'm just starting to learn Japanese. I do not quite understand one of the uses of the captioned particles. I've learned that に refers to the location of the destination, and へ refers to the direction ...
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When are へ and に used together?

おばあさん は 川(かわ) へ せんたく に でかけます。 Why is there both へ and に? When can they be used together? Can someone break down the sentence for me to understand?
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What does へ mean at the end of this sentence?

Just wondering what へ means in this context. 日本郵政「かんぽの宿」すべて売却へ Seems like it might be implying that the "Kanpo no Yado" are going to sell off all its assets but I'm a little confused as to ...
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What purpose does は serve after へ in this sentence?

ところで、今週末のゴルフ大会へは行くんですか。 I feel I have a decent understanding of both of those particles, but I'm wondering how the meaning of the sentence changes with and without the は after へ.
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the に行きます construction and particles

I know the (place)へ(noun)を(verb)に行きます construction, but I also know that in some instances the particle に can indicate the place where we're going. Is it possible to use に instead of へ in this ...
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How are the noun 方【へ】 and the particle へ related?

I looked up the etymology of 古【いにしえ】 on gogen-allguide, and found the following: いにしえは、「去る」を意味する動詞「いぬ(往ぬ)」の連用形「イニ」に、過去を示す助動詞「キ」の連体形「シ」がついた「イニシ」が、方向を表す名詞「ヘ(方)」を修飾した「往にし方(いにしへ)」。 This basically says ...
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