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助詞「で」. A sentential particle that can indicate the location of an event, or a means, material, cause or necessity.

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What is the purpose of 「で」 in the following sentence?

I came accross the following passage in my textbook: ゆとり教育で学校で教える内容が減らされたため、その教育を受けた子供達は常識的に誰でも知っているはずのことでさえ知らないという現象も出てきた。 I can understand the meaning of the sentence, as "Due to the decrease ...
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What is the difference between の中に and の中で?

I have two sentences having の中に (no naka ni) and の中で (no naka de), and I want to know if they are correctly framed. If yes, then how does the meaning change? 日本{にほん}の食{た}べ物{もの}の中{なか}に寿司{すし}が大好{だいす}...
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How is では used under these contexts?

I'm trying to understand a specific uses of で + は particle, and I would like a more detailed explanation of how it's used. I referred to these 3 resources: デジタル大辞泉 Weblio コトバンク Namely, there are 2 ...
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Difference でない and ではない

What's the difference between でない and ではない. I've read some websites. Some websites say that if I use only でない (in some case) it will be awkward. I currently know that this is a combination between ...
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で particle: what is the role of it in this sentence?

犠牲者や建物への大きな被害はないが、これまでの地震と大雪の害に続く今回の地震で、困難な状況が続いている。 could it mean "because of"? I know that で means "in", but I don't know if it can be used in this sentence. what are the other meaning of で apart ...
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How is 妙なことで different from 妙なことに

師匠 昔気質なくせに 妙なことでやさしいから、いつも お前に 巻きこまれて... "My teacher is old fashioned, but because he's kind, the always get involved with you..." How is the で particle used here?
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Understanding the 「内容」 meaning of the で particle

On page 21 of 「初級を教える人のための日本語文法ハンドブック」, the authors make a valiant attempt at compiling the meanings of Japanese particles. The chart is at the bottom of this post. However one has always been ...
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に or で in the sentence pattern "ニュース(に/で)、...という報道があった"

I made the following sentence: テレビ東京は、政治に関するニュースに、(中略)という報道があった However, a Japanese friend of mine advised that I should replace the particle に with で. I googled and found a similar sentence, and ...
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Usage of the Particle で alone and with は

I understand what the particle で does as far as describing how or where an action took place. But I notice that I run into で many other times where it seems to have a different function. Could ...
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Understanding ~たのでは "Conditionals"

I recently came across a sentence containing ~たのでは I found quite hard to parse, and I wanted to focus more on just its ~たのでは aspect to make a more focused question. So consider: 「彼が来なかったのでは、何も始まらない。」 ...
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で as in te form of だ and で the particle differentiation in speech

I have been struggling to differentiate the 2 で, especially when in cases where they both can make sense. Outside of the rules that I found that で particle can only be attached to single standing ...
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Problems with から, て form and で (because)

Well, searching around the web I came across this post (Difference between から and で in context of because) that had a similar problem, but it did not resolve mine. I found these three sentences: ...
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The difference between の中で vs の中から

This comes from a previous previous question with what I find to be a confusing explanation. Generally, の中で is presented in all of the English language resources I could find to be an atomic thing ...
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Why is the particle へ used for direction here and does particle で here mean because of?

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