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Questions tagged [particle-ぞ]

助詞「ぞ」. An emphatic sentence-final or adverbial particle (binding particle in Classical Japanese).

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2 answers

Can we use やばいぞ instead of やばいよ?

Does "ぞ" make it more masculine-sounding or is it a different dialect?
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2 answers

Which part of speech is the 「ぞ」 in 「神のみぞ知るセカイ」?

「神{かみ}のみぞ知{し}るセカイ」 is the title of a manga/anime series but I'm not asking about the anime. I'm just curious about the 「ぞ」 part in the title. I know there is a ぞ particle that is similar to よ, such ...
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