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Questions tagged [particle-から]

助詞「から」. Corresponds roughly to "from" (indicating a starting point), "after" (following 〜て, indicating chronological order), or "because" (expressing a reason or cause).

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~から ~まで for sizes and other non-time related subjects

I was writing a text about sumi-e pencils and I came up with this sentence: 筆のタイプには、ほうきの大きさからえんぴつの大きさまでがあります。 Trying to convey "As for pencil types, there are pencils from the size of a broom to ...
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Problems with から, て form and で (because)

Well, searching around the web I came across this post (Difference between から and で in context of because) that had a similar problem, but it did not resolve mine. I found these three sentences: ...
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The difference between の中で vs の中から

This comes from a previous previous question with what I find to be a confusing explanation. Generally, の中で is presented in all of the English language resources I could find to be an atomic thing ...
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