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正書法. The standard way of writing the language.

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Phonetic Mapping of the Hiragana System Used in the Okinawan Omoro Sōshi

The classical Okinawan poetry collection the Omoro Sōshi is written (mostly) in Hiragana, but the phonetic mapping of the characters to sounds seems to be different to their standard mapping. For ...
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Why are there no unique voiced kana?

If one were to look at the 万葉仮名 article on Wikipedia, they would find that no specific marks were added to represent the bunch, that is, the ザダガバ 行, with there having been different representations ...
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What are the various 'unuttered' phrases or sentences that Japanese omit in everyday conversation and/or narration?

While translating a book I come across the following sentence. 女の子の注意を逸{そ}らすことができれば..... Research into the ba ending allowed me to discover that the above is a 'unfinished' sentence. This in turn ...
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Allographic Differences of れ

I'm doing some research on Japanese streets for an art project. I've been looking at pictures of streets and trying to figure out what the characters are, I'm able to find the first two - to and ma, ...
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