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Kaguya-sama: Dropping keigo when narrating?

Related: Kaguya-sama: 女の子 (onnanoko) as an opposite for 男子 (danshi)? In Kaguya-sama Chapter 52 / S02E02, there's a character named Moeha Fujiwara (the imouto of a main character Chika Fujiwara) who ...
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Question about 現金だとでも言うように

The context is this: two women are talking, with the first one (still unnamed) that asks the second girl (Himari) if her trip with her boyfriend went well. She says it was a very nice vacation and ...
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Understanding this third person narration

The large majority of the stuff I've read (in Japanese) where there is narration has normally used first person. However in some cases (e.g. in the below) there are parts in works that are third ...
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Understanding subject of narration

I am looking for some assistance in understanding in first person narration when the narrator is speaking about themselves, or 'we'. Much of the time the meaning is unambiguous from context, however ...
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Mixing of non-past/past in narratives

In the ASK Graded Readers, which present beginner-appropriate short stories, there is a frequently occurring pattern of writing with ~ます during the 'setup' of the story, and then switching to 〜ました ...
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Confused by passive verb in 無理矢理されたこと

This is a sentence from the fifth story in キノの旅, which is 大人の国. For context, the narrator is talking about a time when she was a kid and she said something about the "surgery" that offended her ...
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A question on narration: does きいた mean 'asked' or 'heard'?

「おかあさん、すきやきの支度、できた?」 まる子は台所をのぞくと、おかあさんの背中に向かってきいた。 「もうすこしだよ。待ってて」 "Mum, Did you prepare the sukiyaki?" When Maruko peeked into the kitchen she faced Mum's back and xxx. "It will be a little ...
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Does Japanese have free indirect speech?

In English (and, I assume, its relatives), there is a style of narration called free indirect speech, some examples of which are given in the linked article. I'm having trouble figuring out whether ...
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