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名称. Names in Japanese, including how to use them and how to write them.

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Where can I find an exhaustive list of Ryūkyūan personal names?

According to Wikipedia, "Okinawan name", speaking about the warabi-naa 童名, the primary personal names of Ryūkyū: A set of warabi-naa appeared in the very beginning of recorded history and ...
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What are the most and least common kana in Japanese people's last name?

There are 104 kana in Japanese. Literally all of them can be used to spell people's last names. However, some are used more often than others. For example, "た", "だ", "とう", because 田 and 藤 are common ...
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Is the name Takahashi no Kaedemaro 高橋 楓麻呂 realistic for a seventh century man?

I’m writing a short novel set in Seventh-century China (Tang Dynasty). One of the characters is a Japanese musician who travels to the Tang Empire in 653, and I desperately need a historically-...
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Using nicknames or first name with high school peers

I have a story set in Japan with Japanese high schoolers (around the ages 17-18). One of them is called Kiwatamura (family name) Ryuko (first name). He is Japanese and lived there as a kid but he ...
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i wanted to name myself a Japanese name,(first-last) but i wanted to know if it was okay to do so

Can someone please answer my question somehow? I would like to respect and honor the means of Japanese people/culture. I did not want to name myself a Japanese name without permission from the ...
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一代 pronounced as かずよ?

I saw the following example sentence on WaniKani: あそこに立っている外人の男の人のとなりにいる女の人があのゆう名なまつい一代さんです。 The lady next to the foreign guy standing over there is THE famous Kazuyo Matsui. The part I'm confused ...
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Is it possible to make a Japanese name from my Chinese name?

my name is 陳銘聲 in Chinese but i'm not sure how to convert that into a Japanese name. I know there are probably a lot of variations. But I'm just interested in the way Japanese names are created.
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Is it weird to use a common given name as a last name?

I have a Chinese name, 藍奕超, which I would like to convert into Japanese. My last name is apparently a common Japanese feminine first name but I am a male. I was wondering: a) Is it weird for my last ...
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What do the names 不二夫 and 不二雄 mean?

I am from Hong Kong. I know Chinese language. I know very little about Japnanese language. My question is - What do the names 不二夫 and 不二雄 mean? Do they mean "loyal man/hero"? Links to ...
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How to say someone's (possessive) home in Japanese?

The romantic phrase "you're my home," I was wondering how you would translate that into Japanese using someone's name? More specifically, how to say "Mya's home" & "Nathan'...
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Why is Ichi a common name for a blind person?

I was watching a Japanese movie and incidentally it is mentioned that Ichi is a common name given to a blind person. Why would that be?
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What does the following mean?

What does this mean in english if you translate it straight from japanese アントン . Im trying to write my name in japanese (Amy name is Anton) with japanese sign.
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