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語呂合わせ. Methods for remembering things, as applied to the Japanese language

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What is the meaning of 富士山麓オウム返しに?

I am trying to translate a song from Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei (Private Lesson by Yuu Kobayashi). This is the complete stanza: 水兵リーベ・悪いボク シップスクラーク・いけないわ ひと晩中ひと見頃 富士山麓オウム返しに Repeat after me 今夜の授業は ...
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Mnemonic to remember different "to wear" verbs

Does anyone have suggestions for a mnemonic or other memory device for the different verbs meaning "to wear" in 日本語? かぶる (kaburu) - hat / headwear 着る (kiru) - Tops / jackets and all-over clothes 履く (...
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Gregorian calendar year to Japanese era name, and vice versa [closed]

Just for fun, I'm curious about how native speakers do mental translation from Gregorian calendar year (e.g 2011) to Japanese era name 年号 (e.g. 平成23年), and vice versa. Do you have special and ...
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What is the equivalent of "alphabetical order" in Japanese?

I know there's あいうえお, but what about at the consonant level? Also, are there any common mnemonics used by Japanese children to remember these?
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