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漫画. For questions about language usage in the context of Japanese comics (manga).

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Other meaning of ふたたび?

I'm reading Cardcaptor Sakura (Clear Card edition), and there is this sentence at the beginning (to explain to the reader who Eriol is), but I can't figure out the second part at all, please help! 「...
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Whats the accurate meaning of this ごまかすin this sentence?

照れ臭くなるとすぐごまかす... これじゃわかんなぃよ She doesn't understand the person because when the person feels awkward she ...plays it off/trying to hide it?
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*one piece ch 1000 spoiler* what does チャキ mean?

I just read this chapter and was wondering what this sfx meant. for context; luffy is passing big mom & kaido while zoro is observing what he is doing.
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Would a japanese say "このジョルノジョバーナには夢がある"?

This sentence has become famous lately as the catchphrase of Giorno Giovanna in the JoJo: Golden Wind anime series. Literally, it's translated as "in this Giorno Giovanna there is a dream", but ...
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What’s written?

How do i read this ? I didn’t find the letters
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