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Is そこはかとない really a single word? [duplicate]

(I understand that "word" is not an especially rigorously defined concept, but I hope the question is still coherent.) In the computer game series [空気]{くうき}[読]{よ}み, I noticed that the player'...
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Which is correct: こんばんわ or こんばんは?

I've seen both こんばんわ and こんばんは used; which is correct here? If we interpret the は as the topic particle, は would seem correct, but it seems that わ is used quite frequently anyway...
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Negating adjective ending with ない

According to this answer there are two types of 〜ない adjectives, those that contain 無い (like 情けない, つまらない also falls here) and those that derive from archaic なう verb (like 危ない). For the first 無い type, ...
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What is the meaning of 範囲等の申請範囲 in this sentence?

I'm having a hard time trying to get the meaning of 範囲等の申請範囲 in the following sentence. Context: instruction on how to fill in a form to apply for quality evaluation of wood materials. 青色で囲っている部分は、...
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What is the meaning of 提出図書?

This is the title of a technical document: 性能評価用提出図書(別添)作成要領 What is the meaning of 提出図書? Is it "document to submit"? On dictionaries, 図書 is translated as book, but in this case I think it is ...
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does anyone know of any o-words or go-words which are absolutely neutral?

Does anyone know of any o-words or go-words which are absolutely neutral (have no nuances of being polite / courteous / respectful / womanly / cute etc etc)? The only ones I'm aware of currently is ...
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a few words have an honorific 「お」or「ご」 as a necessary prefix, right?

I just came a across the word 「お巡りさん」。While 「お巡り」 is a word, 「巡り」 is not. Likewise, 「ご飯」 is a word, but while 「飯」is a word, the reading changes to the 訓読み (めし)。This means that the 「ご」in「ご飯」is not ...