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Count(s), as in the legal definition of count, in Japanese

How would you say "count" as in the legal term counting up the number of legal charges against a person? Or, rather, what is the counter word for a number of legal charges in Japanese? Is it ...
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What's the difference between 防止法 and 禁止法?

As the title says. I was trying to search for the Japanese name of the Minor Drinking Prohibition Act but when I couldn't find anything, I just took a shot and typed in 未成年者飲酒防止法. By luck, I managed ...
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1 answer

Katakana Surnames

When my son was born, katakana surnames were not permitted. At some point, this law seems to have been changed, and children born now may be registered with a katakana "western" surname. ...
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What is the meaning of the characters ヨ・行ケ・ウ・行ウ・わ・ワ when written after the date?

In doing a translation, I have come across a date which has the character ヨ written in brackets after the year. I found some more cases of the same usage in what seem to be legal texts, but I still ...
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1 answer

What's the difference between 風俗 and 売春?

What are the differences between 風俗 and 売春? simply defines the former as "sex service" and the latter as "prostitution", but I'm not sure how different "sex service" is from "prostitution" ...
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2 answers

What would a differential translation be for 「先住民」 and 「先住民族」?

I am trying to translate the phrase: 「先住民」又は「先住民族」 into English in referrence to international laws and treaties concerning indigenous people, and I am not certain what the difference is between the ...
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1 answer

When was this Japanese standard and why this is so different from modern Japanese?