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Questions tagged [language-evolution]

Questions asking about the language evolution through time.

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The origin of the ご reading of 御

The prefix 御 can be read three different ways in modern Japanese: お, ご and み. I believe み is the original reading, and お maybe comes from 大御, but where does ご come from? I understand it is not ...
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How did Classical Japanese's 二段 (bigrade) become modern Japanese's 一段 (monograde)? Especially in regards to the 終止形 and 連体形?

It seems very strange to me that the 終止形 and 連体形 of a word like 食べる used to be 食ぶ and 食ぶる, Vovin says in his A REFERENCE GRAMMAR OF CLASSICAL JAPANESE PROSE that 食べ is the stem to which -u, -uる and -...
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