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カタカナ. That form of the Japanese kana syllabary which is not cursive and is most commonly used for (but not restricted to) writing words borrowed from other languages.

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Did the modern usage of katakana predate the Americans?

How long has katakana been used as today, to represent non-Japanese words, onomatopoeia et al.? But specifically, has this usage been around since before U.S. Commodore Matthew Perry arrived in Japan ...
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Why is the name Tokiya written in katakana?

The name Tokiya is written トキヤ which would imply it's of foreign origin but I'm not having any luck uncovering the origin or meaning of the name. It seems to be somewhat traditional. Ideas?
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Foreign name writing in Katakana

I was trying to figure out how the name "Saoirse" (pronounced as /Sur-sha/) would be written in Katakana characters. I was just a bit confused, although I know that Katakana bases on the ...
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*one piece ch 1000 spoiler* what does チャキ mean?

I just read this chapter and was wondering what this sfx meant. for context; luffy is passing big mom & kaido while zoro is observing what he is doing.
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