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Asking about invitation/desire in basic tense, vs. specific patterns?

When it comes to asking questions, specifically about invitation and want/desire, I've come across sentences that avoid using specific patterns (ませんか/ましょうか, or たい/ほしい), and just use basic future tense ...
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A hat salesman asks 「帽子を買いませんか?」. Is this an invitation, or a negative question?

In various grammar resources, I've read that a present/future-tense volitional verb, in negative-question form (買いませんか?) becomes an invitation pattern, unless ~の(ですか) is added. 「買いませんか?」 = invitation. ...
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How to let a pen pal know it is ok to speak in English

I have a new Japanese pen pal and we have only written in Japanese. I would like to clarify (in Japanese) that it is ok if she wants to write in English so she can practice. What would be the most ...
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「今日{きょう}の夕食{ゆうしょく}は私{わたし}がごちそうします。」 Will I make the 夕食{ゆうしょく} or am I inviting someone to eating somewhere?

Context: 今日{きょう}の夕食{ゆうしょく}は私{わたし}がごちそうします。 I've research on ご馳走{ちそう}, from the etymology to popular usages, but I'm still unsure whether it would be used, in this phrase, to invite someone to ...
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Replying to a refusal of an invitation

By now, it's pretty simple to find different ways of refusing invitations in Japanese. However, what I can't really seem to find is a reply to a refusal. Something like I'm sorry you can't make it, I ...
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"Would ____?" -のだろう or -おう/-こう/etc

As far as I can tell, if you want to say something like "Would you...?" or "Why don't you..?", it's common to say something like "食べるのだろうか?". I looked it up and as I far as I can tell it's short form+...
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Meaning of 気負わずに奮ってご参加ください

What does 気負わずに奮ってご参加ください mean? Is it like 気軽にご参加ください? Context: an event information page announcing pre-requisites for attendance: 前提知識 Javaでのプログラミング経験がある方が分かりやすいかなという程度です。...
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