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2 answers

Weird inflection of the verb in ta form - たれた

I'm a beginner in Japanese; and as an exercise I've tried to translate a sentence from the LN. While I do realize that I've bit more that I can chew, I wish to at least try :) The sentence that I am ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why does 「借りる」 become 「借りします」 in the title 「彼女、お借りします」?

I recently noticed the title for the anime 「[彼女]{かのじょ}、お[借]{か}りします」 uses the verb 「借りる」. It is well known that it is a ichidan verb and the expect inflection is 「借ります」, but in the anime title it is ...
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Is きれい related to きたない? Is there a dictionary of such inflections?

Right now I'm wondering if きれい (kirei, clean) is related to きたない (kitanai, dirty) because I just learned that "nai" can be a negation like "orenji wo tabenai" meaning I don't eat an orange. And in ...
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How does "shashin yako" translate to "burn the pictures"?

Here's the clip from JoJo's adventures s3e33 where a character says "shashin yako, ne" and it's translated to "burn the photos". I couldn't get google ...
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