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変体仮名. Variant forms of hiragana that were used prior to 1900, but which are no longer in use.

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Is it true that the meaning of あ可よろし is unknown?

One of the cards in a Hanafuda deck looks like this: The character that looks like の is actually , a hentaigana for ka derived from the kanji 可. The card says あかよろし, not あのよろし. According to ...
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What does this fish market banner say?

A friend has at home this banner from an old fish shop in Sapporo. I suppose it's a souvenir from Japan. It intrigues me a lot! What's this の with an upper stroke and the ten-ten? What's the name for ...
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Recognizing old Japanese handwriting

Can you please help me with recognizing this line in old Japanese handwriting? As I suppose, this is: ? やき ? っすれ ? の二 but it's most likely that I am wrong
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Is there any way to input hentaigana into text documents?

Having found some books that use hentaigana (e.g. the 古今琉歌集) alongside standard hiragana and kanji, I've been trying to find a way to input hentaigana characters into text files. I've found proposed ...
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How do I decide which Hentaigana to use?

According to this page , there are multiple Hentaigana express あ. How do I decide which to use? このページによると、'あ'を表す変体仮名は複数あるそうです。これらをどうやって使い分けるのでしょうか。
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Understanding Basho haikus in difficult calligraphy

I'm struggling here to read these two haikus on my teacups. One horizontal row is one cup. All others I have are reading right to left, guess these ones go same way. All others have also been Matsuo ...
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How were specific hentaigana selected for writing?

I've been learning how to read older documents and trying to familiarize myself with hentaigana, but as I've started this, I've began to wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to the choices writers ...
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What are some examples of surnames written with hentaigana?

What are some examples of surnames written with 変体がな? Are there any common or famous surnames with 変体仮名?
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