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原稿用紙. A type of writing paper that consists of square blocks arranged in vertical lines.

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Ordering of writing furigana in multi-character words

I've recently started writing in a genkouyoushi notebook for practice and I've been writing furigana along with it to reinforce the reading. I was wondering how Japanese writers typically write ...
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What is the name of paper to train how to write kanji?

I'm learning how to write hiragana, katakana and kanji. What is the name of paper that has little squares to write the Japanese characters?
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On 原稿用紙, when are ゛ and ゜ (ten-ten and maru) supposed to occupy a square of their own?

I was intrigued by this question: What do you do if a genkoyoshi line ends with e.g. す。」? and its answer. I'm not any good at this 原稿用紙 but I remember being told for some types of forms (which I ...
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What do you do if a genkoyoshi line ends with e.g. す。」?

Suppose that you're writing on genkoyoshi (原稿用紙), and you are writing a quotation, e.g. 「これはペンです。」 And let's say that each line of the genkoyoshi has 8 blocks. The first block would, I presume, ...
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