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取り立て助詞. A modern linguistics term corresponding fairly well to the traditional category of 係助詞 (which no longer undergo 係り結び in Modern Japanese).

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Is "to" optional in this line?

Japanese: Omae o tadashi katta (to) ukeireteita. English: I did admit that you was right. It's correct without "to"? Omae o tadashi katta ukeireteita. Thanks!
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はずもない、はずはない、はずがない. Difference and meaning

Today listening a song I've heard something I can't understood だけどなれるはずもなくて So i started to gather information about this, but it gets me more confused and furthermore found out two more はずはない ...
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What's the difference between こそ and さえ in 「忙しくて昼ごはんを食べる時間___ない」

I don't know which to choose: 忙しくて昼ごはんを食べる時間さえない or 忙しくて昼ごはんを食べる時間こそない The explanation in my textbook is given in such a way that I can't understand the difference: It says こそ "expresses ...
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