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1 answer

Verbs with ending [ます] to [く]

I know a verb ending in 「ます」 has a 「く」form. For example: いきます-> いく. Can you do this with any verb, or are there some rules?
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1 answer

Ending a sentence with っていう

I read in a grammar guide that "っていう can be used at the end of a sentence in casual language when making a point about something, especially when saying that a result is different from what you'...
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2 answers

Ending a sentence with にな

Does it mean anything when a sentence ends with にな? I've come across this several times, and have listed some examples below. ああ ツイてねえことにな ヤツは扉を塞いだ 馬が通れない程度にな まるで 最初からいなかったみたいにな 生活のために 金品を借りて回ってたときにな ...
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1 answer

Help understanding the meaning: 「ごまかしたってちゃんと聞いたんだからな」

I've been trying to get the meaning of this sentence for a while and I just can't figure out the grammatical structures behind it. The sentence is: ごまかしたってちゃんと聞いたんだからな I found out that ごまかした the ...
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1 answer

About と at the end of a phrase

In this song: minute 2:13, the phrase reads: それでも何度でも また芽を出すと What does that と at the end mean for the phrase?
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0 answers

The uses of verb + ん apart from simple negation

醜い浮世を 意地で生きるぞ 汗水たらし 身を削り ありつかん 尊くも儚き飯 Full lyrics here. This ugly world you need willpower to survive in; drenched in sweat and with lots of effort, that precious and fleeting meal is in sight ...