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Frozen - Why is Anna transliterated as アナ not アンナ?

Frozen's Japanese name is more similar to what Frozen's original name was supposed to be: アナと雪の女王 but not アンナと雪の女王. I tried looking up about アナ vs アンナ for Frozen, and there are a lot posts, but of ...
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1 vote
1 answer

In the Japanese dub of Frozen, Anna says 'unmei' (fate/destiny; the late Sayaka Kanda) instead of 'true love' (Kristen Bell)?

In frozen Japanese dub, Anna, voiced by the late Sayaka Kanda, says unmei (運命 , うんめい) instead of 'true love' as it was originally said in Kristen Bell's portrayal. Is 運命 just treated synonymously as, ...
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