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Speaking in first person without saying "I"

For example: 今日から明日まで勉強します。 kyou kara ashita made benkyou shimasu. How do I know that the speaker talks about themselves?
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What is the subject of sentence with ください?

For example, what is the subject of the following sentence? 八時に来るようにしてください。 The speaker or the opponent?
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Why is it that some temporal nouns cannot be marked with に? And why do they become more acceptable with には?

Consider the following: に here is used in its function of denoting the time where an event occurs (に1): ◯ 一時に1 ◯ 一時半に1 ◯ 月曜日に1 ◯ 正月に1 * 昨日に1 ?/◯ 昨日には * 今日に1 ?/◯ 今日には * 明日に1 ?/◯ 明日には * 去年に1 ?/◯ 去年には *...
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The reality of answering いいえ to a negative question

tl;dr: when answering a negative question, can いいえ be used to affirm what the question states as a whole? I came to Japan at the age of six, and I guess I pass as a normal native speaker of Japanese ...
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