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定義. The precise meanings of Japanese words or phrases.

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What are all the 3 nuances of 普通に?

As far I know, 普通に mean normally/ordinary in English. So I've seen it use a lot of times like this. However, there are a lot of contexts which it seems like the speaker uses it to show surprise One ...
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Using に対して to express "for," "for the purpose of," or "for verbing"

日本語で一番難しいのは、一つのことに対してたくさんの言い方があることです。 Everything I can find on に対して says it means towards, against, regarding, in contrast to, etc. In the above example sentence, it seems to mean something like &...
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Understanding 「…などということは」

From a dictionary definition for なんて (デジタル大辞泉): なんて の解説 [副助]《副助詞「など」に格助詞「と」の付いた「などと」の音変化》名詞、名詞に準じる語、活用語の終止形に付く。 1 ある事物を例示して、それを軽んじたり、婉曲 (えんきょく) に言ったりする意を表す。なんか。…などということは。「手伝いなんてできるか」「本気にするなんてばかね」 ...
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には in this context

デイブ: カナダも暖冬です。海が全部凍りません。だから、アザラシが逃げます。 恵子: まあ、かわいそうですね。シロクマは。でも、アザラシにはよかったかも! Here is like a conversation between two people about polar bears in Canada. What I am confused about is the use of には in ...
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How to identify what って means in different situations

って can be used at least 3 different ways that I know of. Standard って form that most people learn first.て,って,んで,いて,いで etc. って for quoting people. って for making a demand/command statement. A tutorial I'...
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what does 'が入らず' mean?

全身に力が入らず- what does '力が入らず' mean? I know 力 means strength, but what does 'が入らず' mean? I've done some googling and it either means without strength or filled with strength. That's why I'm very clueless ...
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Difference between 防衛相, 防衛大臣 and 国防相

Reading a NHK NEWS article, I stumbled over three different expressions for minister of defence. Is there a difference between 防衛相, 防衛大臣 and 国防相?
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