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文化. Where the linguistic aspects of Japanese culture and the cultural aspects of the Japanese language overlap.

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Where can I find an exhaustive list of Ryūkyūan personal names?

According to Wikipedia, "Okinawan name", speaking about the warabi-naa 童名, the primary personal names of Ryūkyū: A set of warabi-naa appeared in the very beginning of recorded history and ...
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Is おたくじじい a proper term to describe an old man who's into anime or is there another slang term for it?

So as the question states, is おたくじじい a proper term to describe an old geezer otaku or is there a better alternative?
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Using nicknames or first name with high school peers

I have a story set in Japan with Japanese high schoolers (around the ages 17-18). One of them is called Kiwatamura (family name) Ryuko (first name). He is Japanese and lived there as a kid but he ...
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Why is cactus ’仙人掌'

It seems like a strange word for cactus, (hermit palm??) Is there a cultural background to this?
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How to answer to 精一杯頑張ってきます?

I was talking with my japanese penpal and he wrote to me 精一杯頑張ってきますよ! after I wrote him おはようございます!お仕事頑張ってきてね! because he told me he was going to work. I don't know if there's an answer or not. In ...
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来年受験 - What does taking an exam in the coming year mean in this context?

In this doujin that I'm reading, a character - Hinata - comes to his new friend's volleyball practice. When an excited Hinata asks if he could join in their practice, the club members crowd around him,...
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