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Questions tagged [creative-furigana]

Questions about putting furigana that differ from the original standard reading of the parent kanji.

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Did I create a good name for my character?

My first contact with Japanese names or their meanings was around 2021. Since then, I haven't stopped researching Japanese names. I want to create a meaningful Japanese name for my (fictional) story: ...
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Why can 尸魂界 be read as ソウル・ソサエティ "Soul Society"? Are there other words that can have a different loan word reading?

I am watching the anime "Bleach" with Japanese audio, and I hear them talk about something in the story called the Soul Society. When I look at the transcript, I see, that 尸魂界 is used. ...
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Why is 野良 read as ぼく in this song? [duplicate]

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to the song but the title is 『この街に晴れはこない』 by 美波 Lyrics: 同じ温度を探すよ 結局のところ 野良{ぼく}たちどこにもいられないや After doing a bit of research it seems to be an 当て字 reading which can ...
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Kanjis read differently: 景色{ばしょ} [duplicate]

I've been studying the song DAN DAN 心魅かれてく from Dragon Ball GT, and I learned that some kanjis are read differently in this song. For example, 景色 (keshiki -> scenery) is read as 場所 (basho -> ...
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Could someone explain this katakana reading of <光る葉っぱ> from 鹿の王?

In the first page of the novel Shika no Ou by Uehashi Nahoko, this proper noun/kanji is used with some unusual furigana: <光る葉っぱ> read as ピカ・パル. Since it's a fantasy novel and I know that the ...
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Interpretation of an unusual use of three particles in succession: " (...) ライバル、とか、とも、とか (...)"

Below is an excerpt from the "I'm a spider, so what" webnovel:   魔物にしろ、人間にしろ、今の私には等しく強敵だ。 (*)強敵と書いて、ライバル、とか、とも、とか読まない。  正真正銘命の危険が危ないってやつだ。 The starred sentence contains the unusual phrase &...
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宿命 Pronunciation [duplicate]

How do you pronounce “宿命”? Google says it is pronounced “しゅくめい“ but I listened it being pronounced as “さだめ“ in a song, which also is “定め”
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Can 能力 can also be read as "ちから"? [duplicate]

I've heard 能力 being read as "ちから" while checking up Japanese subs for Death note. (e.g. そしてキラの能は他に渡った…). But all dictionaries I've consulted say that 能力 is only read as "のうりょく" or "のうりき" and that "ちから"...
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刻 means "time"?

I searched what this kanji means in in this part of the song: 近づいて 全部月のせいに 刻は今 ここに満ちたり Source: Lyrics So, My first result is 時 in this result show me another form for this kanji that is 刻 ...
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時代 Homograph, Written as とき [duplicate]

I recently finished the anime series Inuyasha, along with the four films. I noticed while looking at the Wikipedia entry for the first film—映画犬夜叉 時代を越える想い—that the romanization is written "Eiga ...
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Are these furigana wrong? [duplicate]

Looking up the words, I get [日本]{にほん} and [異世界]{いせかい} but don't get anything matching こつち or むこう. Is the furigana used here wrong?
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How to read 死神界?

In this manga I'm reading, the word 死神界 appears. I would have read it has しにがみかい but there was furigana indicating the reading to be ここ. If there was no furigana, how could I know the correct way to ...
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Why is 悪夢 read as ゆめ?

夏の夜の[悪夢]{ゆめ} I don't understand why 悪夢 is read as ゆめ not あくむ.
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Why is 未来 read as あした?

The slogan of the 2020 Olympics in Japan is 未来{あした} をつかもう (Discover tomorrow) Why is it read as あした? I did not find a standardised dictionary with that reading, however I found あす as a reading in ...
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Is there a name for this furigana convention

...where the furigana is a different "word"/"synonym" for the actual kanji in song lyrics, titles, etc.? A couple references to this: Why are some lyrics' words written in kanji whose usual reading ...
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Why is 仕事 pronounced as こと [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are some lyrics words written in kanji whose usual reading is not how it is sang? So, we were reading Hunter X Hunter manga in Japanese (page 16 if you're interested) and ...
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Why do some kanji have furigana that are not valid readings?

In my text I read the sentence: あなたが体験したよりもっと[巨]{おお}きく、もっと深くさせてくれる力があるからだ。 (furigana is from the text) I understand 大きく, and I understand some words with 巨 like 巨大. However, when I looked up 巨きく ...
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Why use the kanji compound 惑星 for ほし?

The title of a manga I'm slowly working through is 惑星のさみだれ, but there is furigana above the two kanji that says ほし (star) instead. Why did it use both kanji, which seems to be normally read as わくせい (...
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Reading 男 or 女 as ひと

Why is it that in Japanese sentence one sees 男 or 女 with furigana that says ひと? Furigana is supposed to help clarify the meaning of a kanji character, but using ひと doesn't seem to help clarify ...
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Why are some lyrics' words written in kanji whose usual reading is not how it is sung?

Some song lyrics in the official lyric book that accompanies the CD is sung as another word. Usually, the way it is sung is given as a furigana on the kanji: Written: 君が希望に変わってゆく          (pardon the ...
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