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Help with the contradiction: 生産を条件付きで承認した and 州政府の認可を待っていた

米テスラが近く欧州で初の生産を始めることがほぼ確実になった。独ブランデンブルク州は4日、ベルリン郊外グリューンハイデにテスラが建設している「ギガファクトリー」での生産を条件付きで承認した。この工場ではすでに試験生産を始めており、州政府の認可を待っていた。 I find the text a bit contradictory. The second sentence says the state ...
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この町は、地下鉄が通った上に、**デパートもできて**、便利になった。looks awkward to me [duplicate]

I can accept この町は、地下鉄が通った上に、デパートに行きもできて、便利になった。 Or この町は、地下鉄が通った上に、デパートで買い物もできて、便利になった。 But この町は、地下鉄が通った上に、デパートもできて、便利になった。 looks awkward to me. It's like 'One is able to department'????
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I can't understand anything in this sentence. Please help

I'm still a beginner learning japanese, so I'm sorry if this is just a stupid question. I was reading a manga and a character says: だめ。シミが浮くとこ見てるから。 I can't understand what he means or what he's ...
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Unable to understand grammar/meaning here [duplicate]

Having trouble with the bolded part: 沈む太陽が海に溶け、全てを赤く染めあげる一瞬の――儚いけれど鮮烈な一時は、しかしそこで止まっていた。水平線に半ばまで埋もれながら、決して落ちない太陽。寄せては引き、引いては返すも、どこか現実味を欠いた潮騒…… What (I think) I understand so far: A fleeting but ...
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Trouble understanding the meaning of 怒った肩 here

The man is about to commit harakiri: 刀を前へ廻し、腰を持ち上げ、上半身が刃先へのしかかるようにして、体に全力をこめているのが、軍服の怒った肩からわかった。 What is understood here by "pointy shoulders" (if I'm understanding 怒った肩 correctly)? How can pointy ...
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Understanding hiragana-only texts in videogames

I've been reading since a long time ago that reading hiragana only texts is quite difficult or frustrating because you don't know where a word begins or ends, I understand that and the importance of ...
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Separating words in a sentence [closed]

I am teaching myself Japanese with the aid of beginners textbooks and internet resources. I have learnt to read both the hiragana and katakana alphabets (yay!) I felt super excited and started trying ...
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At what level should we be able to understand Yojijukugo?

In my experience, Chinese language learners are introduced to these 4-character phrases at an early stage (around Chinese 3 in my high school); what I want to know is there a certain aptitude level ...
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Children's audio books good for listening practice?

I'm looking for a website with free audio recordings of Japanese children books. I found one a long time ago but alas I lost my bookmark to that site. I'm planning to go through those books since it'...
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How to unambiguously express sentences with lots of relative propositions?

Background, problem statement Very often, I find myself in situations where I have to build structurally complex sentences in Japanese, and find myself struggling, trying to put all I want to say in ...
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