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Questions tagged [compounds]

複合語. Words formed by putting two or more words or other elements together.

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What makes a compound lexical if it uses an auxiliary that can be attached to any verb?

I'd like to understand more about lexical compound verbs, specifically, lexical compounds that include an auxiliary that can be used with any verb. The verb 残す is an auxiliary that can be attached to ...
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Phonological terminology: what to call the /h/ → /p/ shift?

Japanese has various kinds of sandhi or 連音 (ren'on), of which sequential voicing or 連濁 (rendaku) is probably one of the best known. There's also gemination or 長子音化 (chōshiinka), where we get things ...
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Meaning of 繋ぎ合う

I'm currently translating the Japanese versions of some Final Fantasy songs. I found the compound verb "繋ぎ合えた" in the song "Yakusoku no Basho" from FFXIII-2 as a relative clause, ...
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How to unambiguously express, as noun constructs, "dependent" and "dependee"?

"dependent": the thing that depends on another "dependee": the thing that is depended upon I was thinking 「依存しているもの」 and 「依存されているもの」. While 「依存されているもの」 probably works to ...
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Negation in a verbてverbてはならない/いけない compound

I saw this sample sentence while looking up 乗せる on a dictionary: バスが乗客を乗せたり降ろしたりしているときは注意して通らなくてはならない。 While a bus is loading and unloading, you must be very careful passing it. What I do not ...
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