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Questions tagged [composition]

文章. The art of combining words and sentences into larger units.

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Can a city or a place be described as 便利?

I know 便利 means something convenient or handy but can it also be used to describe a place? Ex. 1 If City A is close to city B, can I say that city A is 便利 (because it is easy and fast to travel to ...
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Does "sekiro" mean one-armed wolf? how?

At first I should say that I know nothing about the Japanese language but I find it fascinating. A few years ago I started playing the amazing video game "sekiro:shadows die twice". Since ...
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Implicit topic switching

I'm wondering -- is something like ジョンが迷っていると気づいたら、何とかしないと、と。ジョンなら絶対に出来る、と言った瞬間、突然ハンドルをつかんで引いた。 その痛烈な性格の変化は今でも鮮明に覚えている。 considered sloppy writing, or is it acceptable? These are the intended ...
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5 votes
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What are the major prescriptive style guides for Japanese prose?

What are the major prescriptive style guides for writing regular Japanese prose (as opposed to e.g. technical writing)? I suspect that this question will have a fairly short list as an answer - if ...
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日本語では、話題語がとても重要だと考えられていると思います。文章で話題語がなければ、ほとんどの人には不自然、もしくは不快に聞こえると思います。 しかし、文章が一文より長い場合、話題語の選択は私にはかなり難しくなります。話題語をいつ変えればいいかがいつもよく分かりません。普段、直感的に選びますが、母語話者じゃありませんので、かなり危険なやり方だと思います。したがって、ある種の指針を求めています。 ...
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Learning Japanese rhetoric and composition [closed]

One aspect of studying Japanese that has greatly frustrated me is my university's lack of writing classes. Learning kanji, vocab, grammar and an academic or other style is important, but Japanese ...
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