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Questions tagged [compensatory-lengthening]

代償延長. When a vowel is lengthened to preserve the mora count (rhythm) of a contracted word or phrase, typically after the loss of an intervening consonant, as in では→じゃあ or ぼくは→ぼかあ.

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16 votes
1 answer

手えふった - what is the "え” here?

Context: Why "え" is used here? What does it mean?
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4 votes
1 answer

Prolonged sounds in place of an を

I have noticed them in speech in several expressions: ざまあみろ 手エ、出して 気イ抜くなよ They are clearly an informal (if i have got it right) variant of を. But how common is this phenomenon? What restrictions ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What do the 「ああなる」and「気いします」mean?

The sentence below is said by a Kansai-spoken character but I'm not sure if thetwo phrases are related to the dialect. みんながああなる気{き}持{も}ち ようわかるような気{き}いします感{かん}動{どう}してまんね あいつら....
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手ぇ & つないで meaning and translation help

I've been reading よつばと! and I'm on a chapter where Fuuka has a crush on a guy. She says this: 手ぇつないで歩いてたの I assume the small e is just for emphasis/extension and it doesn't seem to serve a ...
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せいせいすらあ Meaning

This is from the manga Kaiji. A hated character is making his departure, and Kaiji thinks to himself, "消えろ!消えろ!。。。!” ”せいせいすらあ。。。。” The first part is pretty easy, basically like "Yeah, get ...
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